Young Songwriters Contest


Attention High School Musicians


Do you write original music? Are you interested in a career in the music industry? Money Wolf Music, in association with Folk Alliance International, would like to give you the chance to get your music recorded and then attend one of the five largest music conferences in North America – all for free.

Enter by Friday, January 17, 2014. Winners announced on Friday, January 31, 2014.

Money Wolf Music is a Kansas City-based record label and musicians collective. As a label, we support our artists by helping them record, distribute, and promote their music. As a collective, we gather like-minded musicians together to help one another achieve artistic and career goals. While we focus our efforts on Kansas City artists, our roster includes professional musicians from Los Angeles and Denver, and we work with players from Austin, Michigan, Seattle, and elsewhere. We are dedicated to the advancement of the Kansas City music scene to both local and national audiences.

Folk Alliance International is a membership-based industry group that advocates for folk music and dance, and provides support services for musicians members. Defining “folk” as art which is “indigenous to one’s region or culture,” Folk Alliance International welcomes artists from a wide variety of genres – blues, rock, country and alt-country, singer/songwriter, world music, zydeco, and many more – and styles both traditional and contemporary.

The International Folk Conference is a gathering of artists and industry professionals to celebrate and promote folk performing arts. It’s one of the largest music conferences in North America and is unique in that it is primarily focused on the industry – i.e. most of the panels and events are not open to the public – and on supporting and furthering the careers of the attendees through education and networking. In it’s 26th year of existence, the conference expects over 3000 attendees in 2014, including artists, promoters, agents, record companies, and other industry professionals.

The Money Wolf Music Young Songwriters Contest is intended to encourage and support the art of songwriting in Kansas City. We hope to give burgeoning songwriters the opportunity to see the music industry up close at an early age to help them make informed decisions about their futures in the arts, and possibly to make connections that could help them turn their dreams into viable careers.

Official Rules

  1. Songwriter must currently be enrolled in high school in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  2. Submitted songs must be original.
  3. All genres accepted – rock, pop, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, roots, Americana, classical, electronic, experimental…whatever you write, we will accept. We will have appropriate judges to give your music a fair and impartial hearing.
  4. Submissions will be judged on:
    • Originality – While we are all products of our influences and experiences, it’s how one filters and interprets them that divides the artist from the mimic. As they say, “Hacks borrow, geniuses steal.” We want to hear your own unique musical thoughts.
    • Vision – Is there a guiding thought, theme, or concept behind the song? Does the music flow in a thoughtful manner? What are you trying to say and how did you craft your song to best say it?
    • Wow Factor – Is there something in the song that stands out? Does the music move us emotionally – make us want to laugh, cry, make us angry, uplift us? Does it strike us physically – make us want to dance, or to sit very still and listen?
  5. Fill out the form below and click submit.
  6. Up to three songs can be submitted. You will be asked to provide an active link to each song. We prefer, but don’t require, Soundcloud links.
  7. You retain all rights to any recordings that you submit. Money Wolf Music will not use your submitted recordings for any reason other than to determine contest winners.
  8. Winners will receive:
  9. Prize packages cannot be exchanged for cash. If a contest winner is unable to attend the Conference and/or use the recording time, s/he will forfeit the prize package and another winner will be chosen to take his or her place.
  10. Winners agree to allow their name and likeness (photographs, video, or other) to be used by Money Wolf Music for future promotions.
  11. Winners will retain copyrights and publishing rights for the demo recordings made in the Money Wolf Music studio. However, Money Wolf Music retains the right to use the recording for future promotions without compensation to the songwriter.
  12. Entry deadline on Friday, January 17, 2014. Winners announced on Friday, January 31, 2014.

Official Entry Form

Sorry. We are no longer taking entries for the contest.

This contest is made possible by a grant from Bread! KC and the generous cooperation of Folk Alliance International.


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