The Dead Girls: Noisemaker Sonic Saturday Social Club

The Dead Girls: Noisemaker

Get the newest release from The Dead Girls.

Sonic Saturday Social Club

Live local music, every first Saturday afternoon at Coda.

03rd Dec 2014

The Dead Girls: Noisemaker

Listen to "Noisemaker," the latest release from The Dead Girls. Available now on Money Wolf Music.

02nd Dec 2014

Sonic Saturday Social Club – December 6 w/ The Sluts & Nuthatch-47

It's a punk rock Social Club. Grunge punk from The Sluts and good-time angry Russian punk from Nuthatch-47.

15th Sep 2014

Secret Show #8: All Your Hopes Go Up In Smoke

Secret Show #8 - BBQ and sad bastards.

01st Jul 2014

The Secret Show WILL Be Televised

We will be offering Secret Show #7 as a pay-per-view webcast!

18th Jun 2014

Secret Show #7

Secret Show #7 – Josh Harty & John Statz, Jamie Searle, Thom Hoskins. Tickets on sale now!

05th Mar 2014

New Releases: “Volume” and “12 August”

Volume The Hillary Watts Riot – 3/6/2014 Volume, the new release from The Hillary Watts Riot is a seven-song EP of re-mixes, re-arrangements, and re-imaginings of the songs from “A/S/L.”...

18th Feb 2014

“12 August” is out today!

Indie folk troubadours Josh Harty & John Statz release their new album today.

07th Feb 2014

Young Songwriters Contest Winners

We would like to introduce to you the winners of this year's Money Wolf Music Young Songwriters Contest: Ethan Ridings and Connor Leimer.

03rd Feb 2014

Album Release: “12 August” on February 18 at the Czar Bar

Indie folk troubadours Josh Harty and John Statz, with Money Wolf Music, are releasing “12 August” on February 18th, at the Czar Bar in Kansas City, MO.

28th Jan 2014

Money Wolf Music: Showcase Kansas City – Room 701

A schedule of the artists appearing in our private showcase at the International Folk Alliance Conference this February 19 - 22.